fine art photography


I've always had an affinity for hummingbirds. Beautiful, yet fiercly territorial, they are constantly on the move. This is a collection of hummingbirds I've captures mainly in Santa Cruz, but some in my own backyard.




Into the garden

My mother is an avid gardener. So it is only natural that I found solace among the flowers myself. Their beauty attracts creatures of all shapes and sizes, breathing life into a yard or forest. Here is a collection of the sights I've seen when I allow myself to dive deep into the world hidden beneath us, both in gardens (like my mothers) and out in nature.

The Bay

From the city to the coast, and even the foothills, this is a collection of the beauty that makes this region shine.







Along the Coast

Up and down the central coast, I try to capture the landscapes and animals that make Cali so unique.







the sierra

There is no place that captures the essence of California more than the Sierra Nevada.